Touch technology used to accelerate learning (from Fortune/Brainstorm Tech)

by Bruce Kasanoff on November 10, 2009

(excerpt) Smart Technologies, the makers of the interactive SMART Board whiteboard have also introduced the SMART Table to classrooms. Already in more than 500 schools, SMART Tables have been an incredible success already both for business and for students.

New York’s Verrazano School has used SMART tables in its classrooms since May, and teachers say it’s helping low-performing students with their cognitive skills. “They don’t realize that they are actually learning, because the table has many activities that incorporate fine motor and gross motor skills,” says first grade school teacher Joyce Li. Not exactly a business, but definitely investing in the future, says principal Gregg Korrol, who feels that the SMART table has only helped improve classroom dynamic and encouraged students to participate more in the learning process. (Read entire article…)

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