Netflix should rename Qwikster to Trickster

by Bruce Kasanoff on September 19, 2011

Lots of other people woke up this morning, saw the new Netflix video apology, and were surprised that the firm’s leaders never realized that Qwikster makes us think of Trickster… especially given the firm’s recent actions.

The firms’ CEOs (yep, there are now two) announced that they are separating the Netflix physical DVD business from its streaming operations, and naming the DVD business Qwikster. Each business will have separate websites, separate fees, and even separate rating systems.

I’m a Netflix subscriber, and my family would love to love the service. But as others have noted, the online streaming selection is actually getting worse, not better, as Netflix faces pushback from content providers.

Double the work. Half the movies. Great customer experience strategy.

Will having me pay bills twice and rate movies twice make me feel better about the service? Does paying twice make you happier?

If this trend catches on, we could expect to see:

- Citibank separate its checking, savings and credit card operations. You will now need to carry three cards: Citibank Checking, Prettibank Savings, and KnittingBank Credit.

- AT&T charge separately for email, text messages and phone calls. You will get three separate bills. Since text messaging is so different from email (they are shorter, for one thing), this change will enable all the services to thrive. (I’m joking.)

- McDonald’s spin off its french fry business, renaming them Death-DeFrying, which more accurately reflects one of the central “benefits” to consumers.

Since Netflix apparently needs some marketing help, it would be great if you could take our poll and help them out…


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