Smart or stupid customer service?

by Bruce Kasanoff on October 20, 2011

I just browsed the Comments section over at the Consumerist, where they asked people to describe corporate policies they hated or loved. Here’s a quick sampling. All the words that follow are verbatim comments from others…

Smart: I like being able to return stuff at Target just by giving them the card I purchased it with so they can look it up.

Stupid: Best (Worst) Buy’s policy of allowing customers to use those silly ten percent off coupons they send out only on regularly priced items. That is insulting. It is one of the many reasons I shop online and use Best Buy only as a showroom.

Smart: I appreciate PetSmart / PetCo’s policy of being able to return food (3/4 or more of the bag must be left) if your pet doesn’t like it.

Stupid: I called BofA recently to let them know I was going away on vacation and to expect credit and debit card charges from far-flug locations. OK, they took care of that in short order and off I went. What I didn’t expect was to be hounded at least once a day for the next two weeks with email from them asking me to go online and “rate my recent customer interaction” with them. Sheesh!

Both:(post about cars that will monitor your heart rate) If the car will also dial 911 when it senses you’re having a heart attack and direct emergency vehicles to your location, then it would be worth the intrusion. Otherwise, it’s just letting you know you’re about to die before you lose control of the vehicle and careen into oncoming traffic.

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