How to Get a Girlfriend, circa 2013

by Bruce Kasanoff on February 1, 2013

Cindy was so lost in thought walking home, she barely noticed the Penderson’s cute Lab puppy as it raced across their lawn to greet her. She patted the dog’s head absentmindedly and kept walking.

The high school junior was tired of living in a pre-professional town, where all anyone cared about was getting into college… not to learn, not to grow, just because that’s what we all do…

Her phone vibrated. Cindy pulled it out and saw a message from Jake, the guy who sat behind her in chemistry.

I got some flowers for you. Keep walking straight ahead.

Cindy paused and looked around. That was odd. She kept walking.

Two houses later, as she stepped around a segment of the sidewalk that was being replaced, another message:

cross over to the park.

She stopped, and turned all the way around. Was Jake following her? She couldn’t see anything. He seemed harmless, and sort of cute. But she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and crossed over to the tiny park.

walk over to the bench, then towards the flowers behind them.

Cindy shrugged and kept walking. There were two Moms talking animatedly on the bench, with little kids spread around their feet.

aim your phone at the red and orange lilies

She looked around, at first seeing just a spread of purple flowers, and some yellow ones. There – some lilies were over in the clearing. They were fresh blooms, and gorgeous. She pointed her phone right at them.

you’re so pretty, even prettier than these lilies. (it makes me act so shy around you.) but what i really like is that you’re a real person, not a pretender. would you meet me for coffee? how about 5 at starbucks?

Wow, she thought. That was really touching, and flattering. She texted Jake: you’re cute, too. See you at 5.

When Jake saw the text pop up, his heart pounded hard for a good two minutes. Then he thought: I’m so glad I discovered how to post virtual notes to sidewalks, trees and flowers.

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