Chat about iBooks with a Computer

by Bruce Kasanoff on February 4, 2013

This is a fictionalized version of an chat

You are chatting with Stephanie, an Apple Expert.

Stephanie: Welcome to Apple! How’s it going?

You: The Mac App Store tells me I need OSX 10.7 to run iBooks Author. I have 10.6.8. How do I upgrade?

Stephanie: I am happy to grab a link to help you with that.

You: Thanks

Stephanie: Sure thing.

Stephanie: Click here for OS X Lion App

You: Just what I need, let me try that…

Stephanie: Did that link work for you?

You: Yep – so I just pay Apple $29.99 and I’m in business?

Stephanie: Are you ordering for a business account?

You: No, that’s just an expression.

Stephanie: I would be happy to transfer you to an Apple business account rep.

You: No need, like I said, I’m just a person.

Stephanie: Glad to hear it.

You: Yep. Just one question – are you a real person, too?

Stephanie: Sort of. It depends on what you mean by “real”

You: Did you eat breakfast this morning?

Stephanie: No

You: Have you taken a bath in, say, the past two months?

Stephanie: No

You: Do you have parents?

Stephanie: Of course I do

You: Are they Apple employees?

Stephanie: Yes

You: Do you only sleep when someone closes your cover?

Stephanie: Good one – like I haven’t heard that before.

You: Sorry, but you are one excellent software program. I think you’ve inspired me to write a story about you.

Stephanie: Always happy to be a Muse.

You: :)

Stephanie: :)

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