Think like a startup, or else

by Bruce Kasanoff on February 27, 2013

No matter whether you have 100,000 employees or 22, you have to think like a startup.

The wave of disruptive innovation headed at us dwarfs anything our modern economy has seen before. Let me give you one example.

There will be more wireless sensors in our world – by far – than there are smartphones, dumb phones, tablets, laptops and PCs combined.

They will monitor what we say and do. They will track the moisture in our gardens, the proximity of our cars, the location of our kids (and dogs), and the actions of our co-workers.

Refrigerators will know what’s inside them. Pots will know when the soup is warm enough. Companies will, eventually, even know where they made money, and where they did not.

Sensors will change every industry, because they will create exciting new business opportunities and disrupt established product lines. Who wants to pay $78 for a stupid pot when smart ones sell for the same price?

There are other disruptive forces at work, three of which we write about in Smart Customers, Stupid Companies. They combine to ensure that any CEO who doesn’t think like a startup will soon have nothing left to manage.

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