BCI labs

Here are links to research labs focused on brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

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Advanced Tech. Research Inst.
Aalborg Univ., BCI Lab (Denmark)
Archinoetics (HI, US)
Albert Ludwigs University, Brain Machine Interfacing Initiative (Germany)
Berlin Inst. of Technology (Germany)
BrainGain (Netherlands)
Braingate Project at Brown Univ. (RI, US)
Brown Univ. – Donoghue Lab at (RI, US)
Berlin BCI (Germany)
Bielefeld Univ. (Germany)
CA. Inst. Tech. Robotics (CA, US)
Cleveland FES Center (OH, US)
Colorado State University (CO, US)
Columbia Univ. – Paul Sajda (NY, US)
Diana Research Group
Dauwels Lab, Nanyang Technological U. (Singapore)
Duke Univ. Medical Center (NC, US)
East Tennessee State (TN, US)
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
Electrical Neuroimaging Group (Switzerland)
Ext… Human Senses Group (NASA – US)
Fraunhofer Inst. (Germany)
GIPSA Lab (Grenoble, France)
Georgia Institute of Technology BrainLab (Georgia, US)
Honeywell Augmented Cognition
Graz U. of Technology (Austria)
INRIA (France) including these teams:
- Cortex (Nancy)
- Iparla (Bordeaux )
- Athena (Sophia-Antipolis)
- TAO (Saclay, near Paris)
Inst. for Infocomm Research (Singapore)
Istituto Italiano de Tecnologia, Brain-Machine Interface Lab (Italy)
John Hopkins Univ., Neuroengineering & Biomedical Instrumentation Lab (Maryland, US)
Kennesaw State University BrainLab (Georgia, US)
Laboratory of Comp. Eng. (Finland)
LAGIS (Lille, France)
LITUS (Rouen, France)
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Dept. of Empirical inference (Tubingen, Germany)
Microsoft Research, Computational User Experiences
Moscow State University, Neuro-Computer Interfaces Laboratory (Russia)
Multimedia Signal Processing Group (Switzerland)
N-W.F.P Univ. of Eng. & Tech. (Pakistan)
Neural Interfacing Research Inst. (US)
NTT Science Lab. (Japan)
Planck Institute (Germany)
Purdue Univ., Center_for Implantable Devices (IN, US)
National U. of Singapore, Temasek Labs, Cognitive Science (Singapore)
Neil Squire BCI Technology (Canada)
Radboud Univ. (Netherlands)
Riken Brain Science Inst. (Japan)
Sabanci Univ. (Turkey)
Santa Lucia Fndn. (Italy)
Shanghai IBFG (China)
Southampton BCI (UK)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Mill├ín – EPFL/CNBI) (Switzerland)
Team PhyPA, TU Berlin (Germany)
Tsinghua U. Microelectronics (China)
Tsinghua U. Neural Eng. (China)
Tufts Univ. HCI Lab (MA, US)
UMC Utrecht (Netherlands)
Univ. of Bremen (Germany)
UCSD Cognitive Neuroscience (CA, US)
UCSD de Sa Lab (CA, US)
UCSD Swartz Center (CA, US)
Univ. of Edinburgh (UK)
Univ. of Essex (UK)
Univ. of Florida, Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory (FL, US)
Univ. of Florida, Neuroprosthetics Research Group (FL, US)
Univ. of Freiburg (Germany)
Univ. of Geneva (Switz.)
Univ. of Houston (TX, US)
Univ. of Liege (Belgium)
Univ. of Malaga, Research Group DIANA (Spain)
Univ. of Michigan, Direct Brain Interface Project (MI, US)
Univ. of Minnesota (MN, US)
Univ. of Oxford, Brain Computer Interfacing Project (UK)
Univ. of Pittsburgh
USF Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab (FL, US)
Univ. of Tokyo, Hirose Tanikawa Cyber Interface Lab (Japan)
U. of Tuebingen (Germany)
U. of Tuebingen – Birbaumer (Germany)
U. of Twente (Netherlands)
Univ. of Ulster (UK)
Univ. of Wash. – Fetz (WA, US)
Univ. of Washington; Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (WA, US)
Univ. of Washington, Neural Systems Group (WA, US)
Univ. Wurzburg (Germany)
Univ. of Zaragoza, BCI team (Spain)
Wadsworth Center (NY)
Waseda Univ. – Matsumoto (Japan)

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