Innovative uses of sensors in health and fitness

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Congratulations to the organizations listed below, who are using sensors to deliver innovative services in health, fitness, and other aspects of our personal lives.

Wireless sensors will be designed into virtually every product and service, in the process changing every industry. (You may nominate a company. )

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4iiii Innovations Inc – Heads-up displays for sports eyewear
A&D Medical – Wireless health activity monitors
Accell Fitness _ Exercise equipment
Ace Sensor Inc. – Mobile health monitoring
ActiGraph – Ambulatory monitors
Acumen Inc. – Cycling – heart rate monitors and pedometers
adidas International, Inc. – Maker of micoach smartphone coaching app
ALATECH Technology Limited -Heart rate related fitness products
Alpha Sports Technology – Wireless products including cycle computers; watches with heart rate monitor, speedometer and pedometer functions
Anaren – Microwave components
Angeion Corporation – Designs and markets non-invasive cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems
ANT – Wireless sensor network protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power networking applications in sport, wellness, home and industrial automation
AnyDATA Korea Inc. -Mnufacturer of wireless products
Apple – Follow the link then click on Connectors, I/O and Sensors
- Apple 2nd largest buyer of MEMS sensors
- Electrical Geodesics
- Patently Apple
AR Lungs – Augmented reality app and a database of medically correct digital lungs illustrate the effects of cigarettes on your body
Archinoetics, LLC – “Fusing humans with computing, neuroscience, engineering, and physics”
Artis, LLC – Motion-sickness reduction and ambulatory motion measurement systems
Aspen Leaf Software – Custom-built software
Atech Scientific Measurement Limited – Hong Kong manufacturer of consumer electronics
Athletes’ Performance – Integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy
Athlosoft – Solutions that support athletes in the planning, recording and analysis of their sports exercises and resulting performance data
AustriaMicrosystems – “Innovative analog solutions in power management, sensors & sensor interfaces and mobile infotainment”
Avnet Asia Pte Ltd. – Large distributor of connectors, semiconductors, technology solutions, computer products and embedded technology
Axis Cranks P/L – Force measurement for sports, prosthetics, military, robotics and rehabilitation
Axis Electronics Company – Design, microelectronics, manufacture and test of high technology
Baseband Technologies Inc. – Software-based GPS receiver technologies for consumer electronics
Baolab Microsystems – NanoEMS™ technologies lowers costs of sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes
Basis – Connected health and heart rate monitor wearable on the wrist
Bern University of Applied Sciences – Energy harvesting to power sensors
Beurer GmbH – Numerous products that monitor health and well-being
bf1systems Ltd – Performance engineering solutions for cycling, marine and other fields
Biologic – Collection of artists, engineers, programmers and product designers with a passion for developing cool bike gear
BKOOL – Training for cycling – site is in Spanish
Black Tusk – Software for sports – site is in German
Blackline GPS Inc. Body Bike – Indoor cycling
BODY.LINKSYSTEMS – Social fitness; solutions and experiences for global brands within the interactive television, mobile, and gaming industries
Body Media – Fitness armband
Boston Life Labs LLC – Plug and play telehealth solutions
Brim Brothers Ltd. – Power meter for competitive cyclists
BrooksEE – Contract hardware and software design services group
Brookview Technologies – Touch foil that can be used for window/glass touch screen applications
Bryton Inc. – Sports GPS for cycling, fitness, outdoor adventure and sports training
CalAmp – Cellular and GPS fleet tracking
Cardiosport – Heart rate monitor technology used in watches includes a low frequency digital transmission system
Cerevellum LLC – Digital rear view video for cycling
Clean Mobile AG – Electric bicycle drives
Compass Systems Corp. Concept 2, Inc. – Rowing machines
Cortex Biophysik GmbH – Cardiopulmonary exercise testing systems for medicine, competitive sports and fitness
COSMED – Cardiopulmonary and metabolic assessment products
CSEM SA – R&D center specializing in micro and nanotechnology, nanomedicine, robotics and packaging
Dayton Industrial Co. Ltd. – Hong Kong manufacturer of sports monitoring equipment
Device Solutions LLC – Outsourced product development; provides wireless and mobile device consulting, design, development, testing, and more
DexCom, Inc. – Glucose monitoring
Digifit – Suite of apps and related hardware used to track fitness and health data; plays well with Apple
Digisensor Co., Ltd. – Sensor modules for industrial markets, particularly low power pressure and magnetoresistive sensor modules; could be used for electronic compass and altimeter, manometer, diving computer, blood pressure meter…
Digital Rowing – Rowing software
Draco Systems – Spanish product development firm
Easton Bell Sports (Blackburn) – Designer, developer and marketer of branded equipment and accessories that enhance athletic performance and protection
Elbrys Networks – A standards-based secure personal sensor platform that aggregates a growing eco-system of interoperable personal sensors and social applications
Endomondo – Sports community based on free real-time GPS tracking of running, cycling, etc.
Enki Sports LLC – System knows your goals, coaches you through your workouts, monitors your performance and provides feedback in real time; for triathletes, cyclists, runners…
Entecho – Ultra-cool personal flight technologies like HoverPod
Software enables users to control large TV screens by gestures alone, or to transform large screens (i.e. 46″) into touchscreens
heart rate monitors for swimmers
location and fitness based iPhone apps
wearable monitor individuals use to track calories burned and quality of sleep
supplier of thin film sensing technology
personalized workout, fitness and wellness programming, along with tracking and tools
GPS technology across many markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking and mobile apps
fitness tracker that lets you “Walk to Win”; the more steps you take, the more points you get…
gym network includes thousands of respected fitness centers
major manufacturer of GPS receivers and applications
ECG heart rate monitors & cyclocomputers
fitness equipment
Health Discovery Corp
makes MelApp, an image-based risk assessment mobile app that assists in the early detection of melanoma.
Health o meter® Professional Scales
advanced medical scales
HealthPoints, Inc.
technology and rich patient data supports research that requires the ability to “slice and dice” various biometric and pharmacological data
software and hardware development engineers, medical doctors and skilled therapists who have over 17 years of experience in the development of health monitoring systems, software and hardware for functional diagnostics, psychophysiological research and stress management
HMM Diagnostics GmbH
blood glucose meters and related products; more at SmartLab
Holux Technology, Inc.
makes GPS and RF products
Taiwanese manufacturer of upright bikes, spin bikes, and treadmills
power metering for cyclists
ICON Health & Fitness
manufacturer of Nordictrack, HealthRider, Proform, Reebok, Weslo, Image, Weider, and JumpKing brands of exercise equipment
IDbike BV
makes sensors for bikes
IDT Technology
lifestyle consumer electronic products in LCD consumer electronics, electronic learning, and telecommunications
software apps for running and biking
Isansys Lifecare Ltd
delivers physiological patient data, continuous, in real time, and anywhere
dialysis monitoring, dialysis databases and vital signs monitoring
Itude BV
develops mobile apps and mobile websites
the “only prosthetic system to reach human normalization, allowing amputees to walk as if their legs were biological once again”
KayakPro USA LLC
ergometer specifically designed for dragon boat athletes or for outrigger /sit-and-switch /pro canoe athletes (you know who you are)
Kurt Kinetic
stationary indoor bike trainer
keeps track of speed and distance for swimmers
sleep sensor and silent alarm clock
LeMond Fitness Inc.
indoor bikes and trainers by you-know-who
LifeChek Lab
noninvasive, inexpensive screening tests that can detect health problems before symptoms appear; tested health risks include cardiovascular, thyroid, diabetes and certain cancers
LifeSpan Fitness
exercise equipment
LOCOSYS Technology Inc.
GPS product development
LOOK Cycle International
cycling manufacturer of carbon bikes for road, track, triathlon and mountain
Manifold Products
provides three classes of GIS functionality in a single package: as a desktop application, as an objects library for programmers and as an Internet Map Server for web applications
MapMyFitness, Inc.
from running maps to gym workouts, it tracks fitness workouts online or via mobile application
McLaren Applied Technologies
looks vague but cool; leveraging “McLaren” technologies in many areas
MetaLogics Corporation
accurate, affordable and easy-to-use caloric monitoring system
MetriGear, Inc.
acquired by Garmin
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox
utilizes combinations of sensors to eliminate need to game controllers more…
- Kinect Education (using Kinect in education settings)
- Open Kinect
- Kinect Hacks (net)
- Kinect Hacks (com)
- Kinect-Hacks (dash, com)
- Hack a Day
- Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton toolkit
Microsoft Research
Sensors and Devices Group is part of their Computer-Mediated Living research area
MIM Software
iPhone/iPad app is used by medical professionals for the registration, fusion, and/or display for diagnosis of medical images; firm also makes VueMe app for use by patients
strapless heart rate monitors, used with watches
GPS sport trainer to record sport activities
motion processing chips, software, embeddable firmware, and IP for consumer electronics
French company’s sensors track windsurfers, mountain bikers, surfers and more
home fitness equipment
NC-17 Europe GmbH
iPhone app(s) for cyclists
serves the emerging high power WiFi and open source markets
designs, manufactures and distributes rugged, waterproof environmental and sports performance instruments for active lifestyles and technical applications
lighting systems for diving, bicycling, outdoor sports and law enforcement
Nordic Semiconductor ASA
fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power (ULP) short-range wireless communication
North Pole Engineering
vertically integrated electrical engineering company specializing in ASIC, FPGA and embedded microprocessor-based hardware and software design
Numera Health
offers numerous options to capture, analyze and transmit objective health measurement data and integrate it with virtually any electronic health record (EMR, PHR, EHR)
Octane Fitness
elliptical exercise machines
orthopaedics innovator uses advanced technologies to help keep people mobile
O-Synce Europe GmbH
portable micro electronic products and sensors for sports
Participant Sports
iPhone apps for large events like Tour de France and NYC Marathon
monitor daily activities and health status via your TV
Peaksware -Training Peaks
tool for monitoring, analyzing and planning human performance
Pear Sports
(coming soon) advanced biofeedback training for sports
Pedal Brain
an iPod and iPhone ANT+ accessory; a training log; a coaching platform
Pentad Design
product development consulting firm with an emphasis on embedded electronics, software development and pcb design
pressure-sensitive quantum tunnelling composites (QTC)
Perception Digital Limited
embedded firmware that enables smart consumer electronics devices and “end-to-end” product development and production solutions
Plessey Semiconductors
Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensor technology measures changes in an electric field without any physical or resistive contact, making possible new medical apps
Product Development Technologies
product development firm
Proximiti Communications
wireless data applications for medical and legal industries
low-power, highly integrated wireless telemetry, tracking and communications systems
developers of “the world’s first tri-axial solid-state silicon BAW (bulk-acoustic wave) gyroscope”; they are smaller and cheaper than current offerings, and thus theoretically compatible with consumer electronics applications
RA Sports
fitness packages that can turn any bike, rowing machine and treadmill into a computer interactive workout experience
RealTrack Systems S.L.
physical activity monitoring system that uses wimu, a wifi data collection device
Robert Bosch Healthcare
remote monitoring for patients with chronic conditions
Roscoe Sports Technology
makes it fun and easy to record and share your exercise statistics
GPS video recorders and other GPS-related products
S3 Group
provides products, solutions and professional services to the digital TV, telehealth and semiconductor industries
major supplier of digital cameras to the mass retail channel
Salutron, Inc.
high performance heart rate monitoring systems for health, fitness, and other commercial applications
Scosche Industries
iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories, Bluetooth accessories (including wireless pulse monitor)
broad range of industrial sensors
keeps seniors safe at home by keeping track of their daily activities, medication routines and appointments
free GPS app maps your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned
Stonestreet One
technology for short range wireless connectivity with a large variety of electronic tools
Symphony Services
software product engineering outsourcing services for ISVs, software enabled businesses, and companies
infrared saunas
dive computers, heart rate monitors and outdoor sports instruments
Tacx bv
cycling trainers and products
Talon Communications
architects, designs and delivers the low or ultra-low power wireless products to corporate customers
precision electronic scales; says it has 50% of market in Japan
Tara Systems GmbH
flexible software components, tools and services for embedded consumer electronics devices, as well as automotive and mobile devices
gym equipment and machines for fitness and wellness
Texas Instruments (telehealth)
low power telehealth/telemedicine aggregation managers
Timex Corporation
yep – watches
Tracker Security
asset recovery, people tracking and alarm & monitoring systems
variable rate video trainer to engage (or distract) users of exercise equipment
Triteq Ltd.
UK electronic product designers
whose products contain embedded software
USC Center for Body Computing
pre-clinical and clinical development and testing of wearable and implanted technology, including networked devices used in every major category of medicine (and much more, watch their seminars)
helped create the first bionic lower leg that emulates muscle function to allow the amputee to walk without stress (see iWalk)
Valence Technology
high performing, long-lasting, integrated lithium iron magnesium phosphate energy storage solutions
person-centric connected health platform and solutions
online fitness platform they say is used by over 700,000 people
Visionary Mobile Corporation
Wahoo Fitness
connects iPhone to fitness sensors for these apps
Wattbike Ltd
indoor bike intended to deliver the authentic feel of cycling
WEBA Sport
very cool products that simulate exercise of swimming, kayaking, rowing, cycling…
WellAWARE Systems
identifies changes in vital wellness indicators such as sleep quality, bathroom visits, activity level and more, by utilizing innovative passive technology
Wireless Dynamics Inc
original design and manufacturing services in the wireless device industry
easy-to-use blood pressure monitor connects to iPhone or iPad
Woodway USA
broad range of treadmills for fitness and recuperation
Xplova Inc.
GPS bike computer
Yellow Field Technologies
app that enhances turbo training or treadmill sessions
Zephyr Technology Ltd.
Physical Status Monitoring (PSM) solutions for mHealth, defense, first responder, training and research markets
ZEPP Innovation
sports technology company utilizing sensors, primarily in golf

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